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UdonThani Condo Rentals

1 bedroom apartment, living room pool, Gym Laundry

Apartments with Swimming pools and Gym in UdonThani. 1 bedroom living room Shower Suite, kitchen Micro wave Rice cooker Kettle fridge No cooker. The apartments have air Condition Unit, WIFI, Its also got a Balcony. Great location at the Nong prajak park UdonThani. .
It’s Self-catering apartments only, Laundry service on-site Dry cleaners self-service wash. No check-in after 8.30pm

Kallapapruk City Plus is the condo name CP Land 42 /43 Pho Sri Road UdonThani
Kallapapruk City Plus is the condo name CP Land 42 /43 Pho Sri Road UdonThani

Location Map and land marks

Nong prajak park then the Museum You also have Beyond Café and many places to eat and Drink 100 meters away

Beyond Café food and Drinks

Kallapapruk City Plus is the condo name CP Land 42 /43 Pho Sri Road UdonThani

Its a proper 1 bedroom apartment with Separate Bedroom Living room Kitchen and Balcony over looking the pool and GYM . NO CHILDREN AT ALL no more Than 2 Guests allowed to stay in the Apartment
Private parking is available with car Rental or motor bike options for rental.
THE Apartment must be Empty for 11.am Max time Extension 11.30 Am on the day you leave as the cleaners come in At 12 pm. If you are staying past 11.30 Am you must Advise and book half day 250 baht. We then need to get the cleaners to come back at Additional cost

Kallapapruk City Plus is the condo name CP Land 42 /43 Pho Sri Road UdonThani

Property Location is very nice 150 meters from the lake. You can go for a walk or Hire a pedal bike.
Now open at the Apartments. Dry Cleaners and Laundry service in the Complex Also New Home deliveries service for carry out foods. We now offer a pick up and Delivery service from the Airport or Bus train station 200 baht each way. If your flight is before 10.30 Am you need to pay extra fee 250 baht or if you leave past the 11.30am Checkout time. Book out time 11.30 Max Time. Book in time 1 pm to 8.30pm

VIP airport pickup and Return 500 baht. Private parking inside complex with Badge you need to inform Us you have a car.

We have 2 Apartments in the Same Complex

1 Double bedroom with a City View Balcony

Kallapapruk City Plus is the condo name CP Land 42 /43 Pho Sri Road UdonThani

2 Gyms 2 pools laundry Service super fast internet

Apartment on the 6th-floor Self-catering Monthly Discounts You pay Electricity Nice views over the City. The Apartment has Wifi + Smart Tv. The Apartments are 150 Meters from the Nong prajak park .Cleaning service and Service wash and dry cleaning service in the Complex. bedding, Kallapapruk City Plus Apartments UdonThani. Opposite the UdonThani Museum. Car and Motorbike rental option and private parking .Home Food and Drink Deliveries. Excellent food Down stairs. Discount foods

The Apartment has City Views and Balcony

1 Double bedroom apartment with Living room Kitchen and Shower Suite. Wi-Fi and Smart TV . With nice City Views. 2 Air Condition Units. You have laundry service down Stairs and dry cleaning .The Apartment is 150 meters from Nong prajak park Weekly Night markets and Fresh Food markets 7 days a week.

Facilities in the Complex

Pool Gym and Laundry room. Its a self contained Apartment. You can come and go as you please. 7/11 mini store now on the complex and Service wash Landry Service. Food Deliveries as well to the Complex.

This Slide show is inside the Apartments and location map

Contact us today on 0868 592 985 Or Email Us

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