What makes a good leader?

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One of the most important qualities of a good leader is self-awareness. The leader needs to be constantly aware of how they are acting, what they are saying and what message their nonverbal communication is sending. Although they may not always realize it, team members constantly observe leaders and model their actions and reactions by how they see the leader react.

This is especially important in times of change or extreme stress. Employees will look to the leader for formal and informal guidance on how to react to the change or stress and consciously or unconsciously react in the same way.

Think about how you respond in situations of unexpected change or stress. Is this the way you want to respond?

There are some leaders who talk a good game but never do anything other than talk. Good leaders are those who talk about what needs to happen and then do something about it or have a bias for action.

Leaders with a bias for action do not freeze in times of uncertainty or when a decision needs to be made. They courageously decide and act and hold themselves accountable for their decisions and actions. Someone has to take the first step, and these leaders are the ones taking it.

Do difficult situations or decisions cause you to freeze, or are you an action-taker?

Become a Role Model for Followers

Although they may not realize it, leaders are constantly being observed by followers. Team members watch to see how the leader responds to messages or events and model their own responses from what they see the leader do.

Good leaders are those who are aware that they are being observed by the team and set an example for them to follow. For example, if leaders respond in support of unexpected changes, over time team members will start to do the same.

Whether or not you are in a formal leadership role, you are likely a leader in some area of your life. What kind of role model are you for observers?

  Be Fully Present

This one can be tough for leaders since they are often pulled in many directions at the same time. Being present for team members means that the leader is fully focused on what team members are saying, what they are doing and the work itself. Leaders who are not present are those who appear distracted by other things and do not give team members their full attention.

When leaders are present, they demonstrate their value of team members. There is nothing more valuable that leaders can give team members than their time, which can be done by being fully present.

How much attention do you pay to those you work with?

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